Heralded as “loud” and “groovy”, the band Henodus, a 4 piece from Columbus OH, draws influence from Classic Rock, Old-School Sludge, and Psychedelic elements. 

The band consists of:

Bo - Guitar, Vocals 
Josh - Percussion
Jay - Instrumentalist, Vocals 
Trent - Bass

The moniker, credited to guitarists-Bo Corbin’s son, whose fascination with prehistoric turtles inspired the name. 

Together, with their eclectic, yet smooth sound, Henodus is far from archaic, providing something palatable to all.

Henodus is also associated with ShedRat Industries.


What is a, "Henodus?"

Henodus chelyops is an extinct placodont from the late Triassic period. For more information check out the Henodus Wiki.